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Wir freuen uns, an der diesjährigen Sino-Swiss Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Conference (SinoSwissAI) in Peking vertreten zu sein. Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wird Benjamin Freisberg das Konzept zu einem neuen Produkt von Byrds & Bytes – Dagobert – präsentieren. Mehr Informationen zum Event & Dagobert gibt’s weiter unten.

About the event
The main topics include new trends of AI research, new AI technologies and applications, new startup ideas and opportunities. The goal of this conference is to bring together scientists and experts from academia and industry to share ideas and visions related to artificial intelligence technologies, and to establish a network of AI scientists and experts between the two countries so that they can collaborate more closely.

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About Dagobert
Our users will be able to easily optimize and make use of the income generated by their devices. Suitable technologies which enable fast and free transactions between devices and which are based on blockchain are currently being developed or are already here. Dagobert will make these technologies accessible to everyone so that – sooner than you may think – you will be able to pay your restaurant bill with the money your car just made.

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