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Lean Canvas - New ideas put to the test

At Byrds & Bytes many ideas are discussed… very many! With that, there are certain dangers involved.

On the one hand, ideas can be lost and forgotten even before a more elaborate follow-up. Simply because they were not written down anywhere.

On the other hand, you fall in love with an idea too soon, only to realize months later that it will never work out. For reasons that could have been recognized at the beginning of the project.

Both dangers can be avoided if the most important cornerstones of an idea are recorded in a document early enough. With a Lean Canvas it is guaranteed that nothing is forgotten and the idea is thoroughly checked for feasibility and economy before any implementation.

But filling out a Lean Canvas also has its pitfalls. Where to start. What do individual fields mean? How do they differ from each other?

Our solution

With the Lean Creator you can create your personal Lean Canvas in a few minutes.

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